Target practice at area park leads police to ‘most dangerous’ gun bust

May 21, 2020

Target practice at area park leads police to 'most dangerous' gun bust

BAKER – Police confiscated what they said are some of the most dangerous guns on the street in a bust this week after an eyewitness reported illegal target practice in a patch of woods at a park in Baker.

Police Chief Carl Dunn said Thursday, a person called police about gunfire and officers could hear the gunfire through the phone, the chief said.

Dunn said officers confiscated handguns and two concerning rifles – one “like an M-16,” he said. Magazine rounds were also taken.

“These are the ones that we try to avoid; These rounds travel for miles at a time,” Dunn told WBRZ.

“These are what we consider the most dangerous [guns] on the street.”

The magazines allow a shooter to fire constantly.

“You almost don’t have to stop shooting to reload,” the chief said.

Dunn said the guns taken were from someone who later got arrested for shooting in the park, which is illegal. He did not elaborate on any other ill intent, but was bothered by the firepower.

Dunn said gun ownership must come with heavy responsibility – and target practicing in a park is not responsible.

“We want responsible gun owners,” the chief said. “Please… there are ranges all throughout” the area, “you can go and practice your shooting [there].”

“If a round goes up, it has to go down somewhere,” the chief said.

“These firearms can cause a great deal of damage in a short period of time,” police sergeant Randolph Harrell added.

Harrell, who often interacts with citizens and suspects, said the gun find this week shows the growing popularity of high-powered weapons. Harrell said officers in Baker are finding more long-range, high-powered rifles during police encounters like traffic stops compared to handguns.


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