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Daniel | Williams & Associates, PLLC (“DWA”) was founded in 2009 as a boutique-sized minority, women-owned, law firm with offices in Texas and Louisiana. Its owners, Helen D. Holman, and Kathryn Y. Williams, started the firm shortly after separating from firms that subjected them to unequal pay and other unfair working conditions. From those experiences, sprung aspirations of changing the way women are treated in the workplace. After their first few years of working together, the firm’s purpose became resolute after making a “big impact” in a few notable cases, which led to the firm’s tagline – “Small Firm, Big Impact”.

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DWA’s primary mission is to make a big impact while zealously advocating for individuals and small businesses. The firm’s clientele is made up of individuals and small businesses who have either been treated unfairly and discriminated against on the basis of race, age, religion, sexual harassment, and other workplace inequalities as defined by Title VII, or unfairly accused thereof. Generally, this includes, but is not limited to, employees, business owners, human resource directors, program managers, presidents, or CEOs. In addition to DWA’s thriving employment practice, the firm also offers representation in the areas of immigration, personal injury, and civil litigation.

Today, the firm continues to work tirelessly at securing fair treatment in the workplace. The DWA boutique remains competitive by using purposeful staffing along with a unique representation style that caters to a more customized experience each time for every client. DWA’s objective to build long-term, successful relationships, while working to achieve the personalized goals of the client, is just another way to make a “big impact” in the future successes of its clients.

DWA sets itself apart by offering niche services to its clients while exercising superior customer service. These specialized services are much more cost-effective than their mid to large-sized competitors can offer the same quality while remaining cost-efficient.

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We approach each case with an understanding of the exceptional circumstances and challenges facing our clients. As a result, we can achieve the outstanding results upon which our reputation is based.




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