How To Identify Pregnancy Discrimination In the Workplace

October 23, 2020

When you are ready to share the news of your pregnancy, it’s exciting to share with those around you. However, if you face discrimination from being pregnant, it can create a host of other issues. Often, many women do not realize that they have been discriminated against due to being Continue Reading

How To Determine a Wrongful Termination Lawsuit

October 16, 2020

Losing your job in ways that go against federal and state employment law provisions is often regarded as wrongful termination. Some of the employment termination reasons that can lead to a wrongful termination lawsuit are discrimination based on race, age, religion, disability, etc. Also, a termination based on exercising jury Continue Reading

Injured In a Parking Lot? What To Do Next

October 9, 2020

While accidents on roads are common, collisions in parking lots often occur, too. In these cases, it can be difficult to prove who is at fault and given that parking lots are private property, the city has no responsibility as it would for an accident that occurred on the public Continue Reading

Your First Steps after Getting in an Accident with an 18 wheeler

October 2, 2020

You are a careful driver. You follow the rules of the road, and you do not take unnecessary risks. You are especially cautious around 18-wheelers. These are large and lumbering vehicles that should be kept at a distance. Doing so is not always enough to prevent an accident. Other drivers, Continue Reading