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If you suffer serious injuries in a car crash, you likely know to reach out to a personal injury law firm in Bellaire, TX. Whom do you call when someone attacks you in a shopping center parking lot at night, or if a neighbor’s dog gets loose and attacks you during an evening walk, and now you need long-term medical care? Our attorneys at Daniel Williams & Associates PLLC can advise you of your rights following incidents like this.

One common concern that injured individuals have when a situation arises in which they might need the services of an attorney is cost. Rest assured that our Bellaire injury lawyers don’t get paid unless you do. We also will never take more compensation than you will receive. Hopefully, this bit of information clarifies that we are serious when we say that our focus is on truly helping others.

Why Should We Handle Your Accident Law Services in Bellaire, TX?

It can often be hard to tell if an attorney can recover top-level compensation based on a quick phone conversation or their biography on a website. Their ability to do so comes down to experience, which there’s no shortage of among our Bellaire personal injury attorneys.

We have extensive experience in helping Texans who’ve suffered catastrophic spinal cord or brain injuries, third-degree burns, and amputations in the following situations:

  • Truck and car accidents
  • While performing offshore or maritime work
  • Slip-and-fall incidents
  • As an oil and gas worker
  • Electrical accidents or fires
  • Workplace incidents
  • Railroad accidents

The list above is far from a comprehensive list of our accident law services in Bellaire, TX.

Personal Injury FAQs

When is the right time to contact a personal injury lawyer?

The first thing to do after being injured is to get proper medical care. The second thing to do is to contact a personal injury lawyer. Do not delay. There are often deadlines that have to be met, evidence that needs to be gathered and documentation that needs to be compiled. The sooner you begin, the sooner you get the compensation you need. You certainly do not want to procrastinate and then find out that your otherwise valid case no longer qualifies because there was a statute of limitations. Let us help today.

How much is my personal injury/accident case worth?

This all depends on the type of case and the extent of your injuries. Some people just need to cover their immediate hospital bills so they’re not in debt. Others have life-changing injuries and will never work again, so they may need millions to cover all of those lost earnings and the need for life-long care. Things like age, types of injuries, extent of said injuries and likelihood of recovery are all going to factor in. Each case is unique, and we can begin discussing yours at your consultation. Rest assured that our experienced team knows how to work hard for you and fight for the compensation you deserve.

How do I know if I have a personal injury case?

Personal injury cases generally hinge on negligence and fault. If someone acted in a negligent manner and was at fault for injuries that you suffered, then you deserve just compensation for those injuries. This compensation can help cover your medical bills, make up for lost wages, reimburse you for pain and suffering, and much more. Types of injury cases that we can handle include dog bites, slip-and-fall cases, medical malpractice, motor vehicle accidents and more.


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