Think You Were Wrongfully Terminated? Here Are Things That Can Help Your Case


After losing a job, the most important step one can take is determining whether the termination was legal. The other vital step is searching for a New Orleans employment attorney if the firing happened there.

In most U.S. states, employment is on an “at-will” basis. Therefore, employers can fire their staff without notice or cause. However, wrongful termination is among the exceptions to this rule.

Factors That Would Make A Termination Wrongful

Employers can fire workers at will in any state except for Montana. Some of the reasons that render firing unlawful include:

  • The termination was as a result of the employer discriminating against the employee because of their sexuality, age, race, nationality, or religion.
  • The employer fired an employee to retaliate after the worker filed a claim or took part in a case against the employer.
  • The termination was due to employee whistle-blowing on illegal dealings by the employer.
  • The employee refused to take part in illegal activity and got fired as a result.
  • The firing didn’t follow the employer’s termination policies.
  • The termination violated federal, state, or employment law in New Orleans.
  • The employer breached oral or written contracts in the termination process.

Things to Do That Will Help After Wrongful Termination

  • Should a person opine that their termination was wrongful, they should take the following steps:
  • Stay calm and avoid retailing against the employer through threats, insults, or slander;
  • Search for “employment lawyer New Orleans” if the wrongful termination took place there;
  • Gather all necessary information surrounding the termination. They can find out who approved the firing and on what grounds; and
  • Follow the employer’s termination procedure lawfully.

How A Lawyer Can Help Should A Wrongful Termination Problem Persist

Competent employment attorneys such as Daniel Williams & Associates can help employees understand employment law in New Orleans. Moreover, the lawyer can help negotiate a severance package, or they can aid fired employees to sue employers for damages.

Don’t be a wrongful termination victim and suffer in silence. Let a New Orleans employment attorney help you.