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Most people looking for an immigration law firm in Katy, TX, have been living here in the U.S. as permanent residents and are looking to become naturalized citizens. Or, they're looking for assistance in applying for a visa for employment or family-based reasons. Another reason prospective clients reach out to us here at Daniel Williams & Associates PLLC is that they're facing deportation following an arrest for a crime of moral turpitude or detention for their unlawful presence.

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The scenarios described above are valid reasons to reach out for immigration law services in Katy, TX, but aren’t the only ones. Here at Daniel Williams Law Firm, we also regularly help our clients obtain various visas and aid individuals seeking asylum or pursuing an adoption overseas.

What to Know About Our Katy, TX, Immigration Lawyers

All of our attorneys are dedicated to helping others, whether they’ve faced adversity in the workplace, suffered debilitating injuries in a personal injury accident, or have pressing immigration matters. In the case of our Katy, TX, immigration attorneys, they are all drawn to advocating for the rights of those who are often rendered voiceless, including:

  • Immigrants looking to keep their families together and preserve their rights amidst immigration reform
  • Individuals who have had their civil rights violated or have been subjected to human rights abuses

One important aspect about Daniel Williams Law Firm is that our practice is minority woman-owned. This gives us tremendous insight into the adversity you likely feel that you’re up against that brings you to seek immigration law services in Katy, TX.

Immigration Law FAQs

What types of visas are available if I want to come to the U.S. for a visit or temporary stay?

You can choose from numerous types of visas for your visit, depending on the terms and goals of that visit, along with your own status. For instance, there are tourist visas for a leisure visit, student visas if you’re coming to the U.S. for school, visas for professional athletes, and visas for medical treatment. There are dozens of short-term visas without even considering typical immigration visas, such as those used to help reunite family members.

We can help you determine what would work best for your purposes and help you file the proper paperwork to apply. Remember that you have to abide by the length and terms of the visa, though you may also be able to change your status — by getting a green card, for instance — once you are in the United States. We can assist with all of these steps and ensure that you know exactly what is expected and required by the U.S. government.

I have received a deportation order. Is there anything I can do to avoid being deported?

Yes. Generally, once you get the order, you have the next 30 days to decide what you want to do. In that time, you can choose to file an appeal. Once you do this, your case is put on hold until the appeal is considered — meaning you won’t be deported, even if the 30 days run out before the appeal process finishes. There are numerous reasons to appeal a deportation order, so do not assume that getting one means you’re out of options. You merely need to know what steps to take to start the appeal, on what grounds you can file it, and how to proceed to give yourself the best chance of having the order rescinded. We can walk you through these steps and offer support during a trying time.

How do I obtain a Green Card? How long will my Green Card remain valid?

You can get a green card for many different reasons, such as getting married to a U.S. citizen or applying for a green card as part of your career. You may also be able to get one as a refugee or an asylum seeker. We can help you determine if you’re eligible and which type of application you should use. If you do get a green card, it will then last for the next 10 years. Many people use green cards as a stepping stone, allowing them to stay in the U.S. while they work on becoming a citizen, but you do not have to do so. You also have options to renew a green card after it has expired or to replace it when necessary.


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