How To Determine A Wrongful Termination Lawsuit


Losing your job in ways that go against federal and state employment law provisions is often regarded as wrongful termination. Some of the employment termination reasons that can lead to a wrongful termination lawsuit are discrimination based on race, age, religion, disability, etc. Also, a termination based on exercising jury rights and voting qualify for wrongful termination as the same goes against existing employment laws.

If you feel that your termination from employment is wrongful, it is best to reach out to an attorney for consultation and assessment of your case. Our Houston employment lawyer from the law office of Daniel Williams & Associates has extensive experience in employment laws and can help you take the relevant legal action.

You should note that not every termination amounts to wrongful termination. Most states in the United States have adopted the “employment at will’ principle. Meaning either you or your employer can terminate an employment contract at any time with or without reason. Suppose you are looking to establish situations that don’t amount to wrongful termination. In that case, it is vital to work closely with our employment attorney Houston from the law office of Daniel Williams & Associates for an in-depth analysis of the legal status of your case.

Here are some examples of the reasons that don’t amount to wrongful termination:

Termination without reasons

An employer-employee contract with an ‘employment at will’ clause does not compel either party to give a reason for termination. Therefore your employer will not be held liable.

Failing to sign vital work documents like non-disclosure agreements

How can a lawyer help?

Determination of a wrongful termination lawsuit begins with seeking legal counsel from a competent Houston employment lawyer. Working with the right employment attorney Houston from Daniel Williams & Associates will help you know whether your case meets the threshold for a wrongful termination case. Therefore if you feel that your termination could be a wrongful termination case, our Houston employment lawyer team is ready to help you institute a competent lawsuit.