How To Identify Pregnancy Discrimination In The Workplace


When you are ready to share the news of your pregnancy, it’s exciting to share with those around you. However, if you face discrimination from being pregnant, it can create a host of other issues. Often, many women do not realize that they have been discriminated against due to being pregnant as these violations can happen in ways that are not usually direct. A woman can also be discriminated against without even being pregnant. In these instances, there should be legal action pursued against the employer. A Houston employment lawyer can help you with your case as you protect your rights in the workplace as a pregnant woman.

Pregnancy Discrimination in the Workplace

To date, women make up about 47% of the workplace. However, there are still many offenses women face though they have been a large part of the workforce for decades. When an employer seeks to take away rights from a pregnant employee it can be done in ways that may not be apparent to the employee. If you have faced any of the following, it is best to contact an employment lawyer Houston for help:

Being denied employment due to being pregnant or possibly being pregnant. If you go to an interview and there are comments made about your pregnancy or the fact that you may become pregnant, and you don’t get the job, there is a chance that the employer was being discriminatory.

Being denied a promotion. If you apply for or expect a promotion, but are denied based on being pregnant or the fact that you may be on maternity leave, this is a violation by the employer.

Being denied maternity leave. If you are not allowed to take the 12 weeks of unpaid leave after giving birth, the employer is also in violation and should be held accountable.

If you are in need of a Houston employment lawyer, the team at Daniel Williams & Associates can help you get the rights you deserve.