My Employer Didn’t Provide Proper Personal Protective Gear: Can I Sue?


Employers are responsible for their workers’ safety at all times, and they’re at risk if they don’t. They run the risk of having to pay workers’ compensation benefits, and they run the risk of receiving a possible personal injury claim. You might be entitled to receive monetary reimbursement if you’ve experienced an injury because your employer failed to provide you with the proper personal protective gear/equipment (PPE) for your work activity. A Houston personal injury lawyer office can assess your case and let you know if you qualify.

PPE Rules and Employer Fault

Employers must abide by state and federal laws in providing their employees with protective gear for their jobs. Any time an employer fails to do so, it subjects itself to huge fines as well as potential lawsuits.

Workers’ Compensation vs Personal Injury

You could be eligible for two types of compensation if you got hurt for lack of PPE, but you will only qualify for one or the other. Workers’ compensation benefits are for employees who get hurt on the job. The law does not require injured employees to establish fault with anyone to collect the benefits. They only need to establish that they’ve been hurt on the job. Personal injury is a different type of case that a Houston employment lawyer office can handle. It has to do with neglect, and the consequences can be high for the employer.

Schedule a Consultation ASAP with a Houston Employment Lawyer

Now you know what your employer is responsible for and what you need to do if you have an injury related to a lack of appropriate PPE. You can contact Daniel Williams & Associates to have your case assessed thoroughly. The firm staffs a Houston employment lawyer who can look at the situation objectively and tell you if you’ll be able to get the compensation you deserve from your employer. Don’t hesitate to connect and obtain quality representation for this matter immediately.