When Can I Expunge My Criminal Record?


Your criminal record can cause you problems for many years after you’ve paid your dues and moved on. It can cause you to get rejected on a job application, and it can cause a housing community to refuse your housing request. Furthermore, it can wreak havoc on your life if other people in your community find out about it. A Louisiana criminal lawyer might be able to help you expunge your record so that you never have to worry about it again.

What Is a Record Expungement?

A record expungement is a formal sealing of a criminal record so that no one can access it. Because the record has been sealed, the offending party no longer has to reveal it to inquiring parties. A criminal lawyer in New Orleans can help you to obtain an expungement for misdemeanor and felony violations.

What Are Expungement Laws in Louisiana?

A misdemeanor record can be expunged in Louisiana if five years have passed since the crime, and the offender has paid all dues and served all time associated with it. Sex crimes and domestic battery crimes are not eligible for an expungement.

Felony crimes can be expunged if they are unrelated to sex violations, domestic abuse or drug distribution. Ten years must pass before you are eligible. At that time, a New Orleans criminal lawyer can help.

How You Can Get Your Record Expunged

The best way to get a record expunged is to contact a seasoned criminal lawyer New Orleans office that specializes in expungement processes. That attorney can assess the records and let you know whether you are eligible for such relief.

Contact Daniel Williams & Associates if you’re ready to wipe your negative record clean and start a new life. You can arrange a consultation during which a compassionate attorney can give advice on the next steps.